Lim Wan Looi, wife of Fragrance Group’s boss, buys Good Class Bungalow at Bishopsgate for $65 mil

The Good Class Bungalow (GCB) has been extremely energetic in recent months, with 3 purchases done over $40 million over the past month. The latest is a Good Class Bungalow remaining on a 29,435 sq ft, property site at Bishopsgate cost $65 million ($ 2,208 psf). It’s an old, single-storey bungalow that is held up from the highway, shrouded by trees. The GCB is most likely to be torn down as well as redeveloped.

Meanwhile, at Cornwall Gardens, off Leedon Road, a GCB remaining on a property website of 16,089 sq ft is said to have actually just altered hands just recently too. The GCB designed by Chang Architects is said to have six rooms, a health club, home entertainment rooms, a collection and also multiple dining-room. It likewise has a roofing system garden, courtyard garden, swimming pool, falls as well as koi fish pond.

The deal at Coronation Road West was agented by Steve Tay, elderly associate vice-president of List Sotheby’s International Realty, who declined to comment. Tay had actually provided the residential property for sale at $48 million last year.

The GCB at Coronation Road West recently altered hands for $47.288 million.

The GCB at Bishopsgate that lately changed hands for $65 million sits on a freehold site of 29,435 sq ft.

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According to sources, the purchase rate was $40.5 million ($ 2,517 psf), and the offer is said to be brokered by Knight Frank.

The customer is Lim Wan Looi, wife of Fragrance Group owner and executive chairman James Koh, that has been on a buying spree of bungalow sites this year, starting with the purchase of a 25,272 sq ft, estate GCB plot for $24.8 million on Lornie Road in Caldecott Hill Estate in January, based upon a caution lodged with URA Realis. Prior to that, he purchased a 21,046 sq ft, freehold cottage site at Hillside Drive for $19.25 million ($ 915 psf), according to a caution lodged last September.

At Coronation Road West, an additional GCB is stated to have transformed hands for $47.288 million ($ 1,661 psf). A property title search showed that a deal had actually occurred on July 4. The bungalow sits at the edge of Coronation Road West as well as Holland Road. It is an eight-bedroom estate with a 20m swimming pool sitting on a freehold site of 28,474 sq ft.

The acclaimed bungalow was thought to be finished at some time in 2015. A property title search reveals that the cottage is currently owned by Esmond Choo, director of UOB Kay Hian who retired at the end of April this year.

At Coronation Road WestRoadway another GCB one more said to have changed have actually for $47.288 million ($ 1,661 psf).

The Good Class Bungalow (GCB) has been really energetic in current months, with three deals done above $40 million over the previous month. The newest is a Good Class Bungalow sitting on a 29,435 sq ft, freehold website at Bishopsgate sold for $65 million ($ 2,208 psf). The GCB at Bishopsgate that lately altered hands for $65 million rests on a freehold website of 29,435 sq ft.