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Japanese Kindergarten

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International school Japanese Kindergarten is located at West Coast Road and is one of the more popular Japanese schools in Singapore. This is because it is located along the West Coast area and it is very convenient for families to transport their children to school during the morning as well as night.

Japanese Kindergarten Parc Riviera

The Japanese school located at West Coast is among the first Japanese schools in Singapore and children age 2.5 years and above can be sent to the school to receive preliminary education. The campus of Japanese Kindergarten spread across a huge plot of land in West Coast and represents some space which is needed for the children to get some outdoor activities to nature their holistic individual well being. As the plot of land is huge, there is ample outdoor place to grow fruit trees such as banana and mango for the children.

Japanese Kindergarden at West Coast Road

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West Coast Park

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West Coast Park is a park located along West Coast that is home to many joggers living in the West as well as the clementi Renting Out My Condo area. Parc Riviera condo owners can enjoy a leisure walk along West Coast Park as there are plenty of outdoor dining areas for the residents to use after work. There are also fitness stations as well available for the resident to use.

West Coast Park Clementi

West Coast Park remain of the few remaining parks in Singapore due to the fact that many land near to the coastal real of Singapore has to give way for urbanization. There are indeed many new residential units that are built in West Coast as it is a highly sought after location and therefore there remains very few land for recreational uses such as West Coast Park. West Coast Park connects directly from Pasir Panjang …