Parc Riviera Condo – West Coast Vale Condo by EL Development

Parc Riviera EL Development Condo at West Coast Vale. Minutes to Clementi Mall and Jurong East. Floor and Site Plan available. Showflat and Pricing Here.

Schools and Educational Institutions near to Parc Riviera West Coast

Are you looking for a place to establish your family and avoid all the bustle and hustle of city jam, but still enjoy the comfort of city development? Are you in need of quality education for your child from a certified learning institution? If you have answered yes to either of the questions there is good news for you. Parc Riviera is the place for you.

Educational Institutions in the West

If you make a choice of owning one of the wide variety condos in the area you will be able to give a turnaround in the way you view things and operate. Your child will get a chance to learn with the expects from the Japanese secondary school which will be established within the area, get the best higher learning from national university of Singapore or the Anglo Chinese school which are just a short drive away. This is to say that you can make your child’s future to be secure and as competent as you can ever hope it to be. Shape up the future of your child and you will be relaxed when they become of age.

Parc Riviera Japanese School EL Development

Another reason as to why you ought to give a second though to Parc Riviera is the simplicity of commuting from one end to the other. By following the Ayer Rajah Expressway accessing the city and Orchard will be very simplified for you.

You have the chance to make up your future. There is time to have a different layout of your lifestyle and access all you need from just a short distance market and shopping centers that are at the heart of these newly formulated condos. Parc Riviera is constructed with a lot of care from extensive, experienced real estate developers with a reputable work techniques.

Parc Riviera West Coast Vale

This is to say that you do not have to be worried about the construction and maintainers of the apartments this will all be sorted for you. All you have to do is take a firm step and start planning to secure the future you dream for. Parc Riviera is located in the mature clement town and it is just a short drive away from the upcoming Jurong Central business as well as jurong high speed railway.

These are all added advantages for you. There can never be a place that you long to live in that has the best interest for you. Parc Riviera is the place you should start to make a chance to visit and secure all these goodies for yourself and your family.