Parc Riviera Condo Prices and Showflat Viewing

Parc Riviera condos are among the latest blocks of Orchard Boulevard Condo luxury housing units being built in Singapore. Foreigners perhaps may be a little surprised by how much has been constructed on the island over the six or seven years. Building projects have played a significant role in making sure that the building industry besides property development firms were not substantially damaged as a consequence of global economic contraction. Furthermore the country has a growing population and the increased demand for domestic housing near Parc Riviera Showflat was placing extra demand on scare resources of land. It just happened that the government of Singapore had a quick solution to hand.

Parc Riviera West Coast Vale Showflat

They decided that the land disposal being carried out by the Urban Redevelopment Authority should be brought forward by several years. To that end many parcels of land have been put up for tender. The winning property development firm or someone consortium then has a 99 year lease and then proceed to put up the high rise blocks of executive condos. This is what happened with the development of condos at Parc Riviera, while several parcels of land have been up to auction since this project was given the go ahead.

Parc Riviera Condo Prices

The developers of this Parc Riviera showflat are certain that they will a decent level of profit on their investment. Families are certain to want to move into one of the new condos once these are ready to be moved into. Being situated near to 321 Clementi Shopping Centre, and some areas of the city like the Japanese Gardens are particularly useful selling points too. The new condos will also have the virtue of being close enough to the Big Box, City Vibes, not to mention West Gate.