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Parc Riviera Latest Price List

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Please see the below for the Balance Unit Price List for Parc Riviera.


Type Size (sqft)
Min. Price Max. Price
2 Bedroom Executive 764 – 775 Fully Sold Fully Sold
2 Bedroom Premium 947 Fully Sold Fully Sold
3 Bedroom Executive 1,076 – 1,098 Fully Sold Fully Sold
3 Bedroom Premium 1,184 Fully Sold Fully Sold
4 Bedroom Premium 1,302 $1,289,000 $1,654,000

Parc Riviera Latest Units Pricing

A gentle note that the pricing above is for illustration purposes for Parc Riviera by EL DEvelopment. Prices stated herein are subjected to changes at the discretion of the developer. The information displayed are for reference only and the website or agent cannot be held responsible for any omission or updates not stated on the website. Please see the video for more information with regards to the development. Finances on progressive payment schedule are available here. There is also a price difference …